Dis is Silvah
If you don't mind me asking, why don';t you like J Scott Campbell’s art?

It’s just how he chooses to depict characters, stylistically. Most of his female characters are in very static, sexy poses, but he has shown he can draw VERY dynamically. I do like it when he draws male characters, but his female characters (something he draws more often) just… don’t really whet my appetite with their aesthetics. Too Barbie-esque. They always have the pointed toe thing going on, all the same proportions without much variety. 



This Harley and Ivy pinup is slightly different from his norm, but still, I just… don’t care for it.


But the way he draws men is more interesting to me.

A GREAT example is this Uncannyimage X-Force cover:

At first, the composition is nice, with a good dynamic flow, but then you start looking and it’s like… Archangel and Deadpool are clearly about to attack to the right, Wolverine and Fantomex are… straight ahead and down? Okay, sure, a group attack, and then Psylocke? Wtf u doin grrl?  

I’m not saying he’s a bad artist in the slightest. I just don’t care for his art, specifically the way he draws women. His caricatures are GREAT!! When they’re real people? FANTASTIC! But the rest… mehhh.. 

EDIT: I was skimming more of his art, I usually don’t because I don’t care for it, and I found out I REALLY REALLY REALLY DISLIKE THE POINTY TOES HE DRAWS. SO. MANY. POINTY. TOES. EVEN WITHOUT HEELS. 


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